“Cairn”  /ke(ə)rn/

Often found on mountaintops and ridgelines, a cairn is a small handmade stone monument that marks a path or trail. Cairns show the route less traveled. They guide the way to noteworthy places.


Cairn Pacific is a full service development company with experience ranging from neighborhood infill projects to large downtown high-rises. We build commercial, retail, and office space, with a special focus on multifamily mixed-use projects. We are committed to thoughtful and enduring design, development, and investment.

Founded by veteran Portland developers Tom DiChiara and Rob Hinnen, Cairn Pacific has over 40 years of combined experience. Throughout our careers we have worked with local families, private capital, and institutional investors to create value by building quality projects. We understand local markets and neighborhoods, and we know how to craft enduring buildings. We are thoughtful stewards for our investors, and seek to build long-term relationships with all our business partners.

We have a passion for creating noteworthy places. Join us and let’s build something great.

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